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Event Duration: Feburary 1st- Feburary 29, 2024. (while supplies last)

How to Get Your Gift:
1. For Purchases Over $600: As you shop, when your cart reaches a total value exceeding $600, you'll have the option to select a stylish pillow cover set (2 covers) as a gift. This gift option will automatically appear on the cart page. Additionally, any website coupons can be applied alongside the gift coupon.

 2. For New Subscribers: If you're a new user who hasn't subscribed to our newsletter yet, once sign up you'll get an gift claim link in your email to redeem one pillow cover.

 3. Get one more pillow cover if you include Posey Sideboard in your order.

 Gift Details: 
• Pillow Cover Size: 20" x 20" (Please note: Pillow insert is not included.)

 • Delivery Limitation: Gifts can only be shipped within the continental United States. - Packaging: Your gift might be shipped separately for your convenience.

 • Returns and Exchanges: The gifted items cannot be returned or exchanged. Important Notices: Verification: Please ensure that the provided information is accurate and valid. Any false, inaccurate, illegal, or invalid information leading to issues in prize distribution may result in the forfeiture of the reward. Hulala Home reserves the right to withhold corresponding rewards in such cases. 

• Fair Play: Participants found engaging in any form of unfair play will have their acquired rewards and privileges revoked upon discovery.

 • Final Decision: Hulala Home reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the event.


Colors work for most seasons, not just holidays :)
- Alexander

I love it ❣️ I was surprised when I got it .Opened it up to find a beautiful pillow cover.
- Carey


Very thoughtful, well made. Now looking into purchasing a sofa!
- Olivia

It mayches my living room color.
- Benson



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