Feeling into the Summer Decor

Feeling into the Summer Decor

Hey everyone! I've got a secret to share—summer is on its way! Who's excited and ready for it?

As the temperature rises and the sun shines longer, homes are ready to ditch their cozy winter outfits for breezy, summer styles. Whether you crave the tropics or seek a serene oasis, summer-inspired designs bring a world of possibilities to your home.
Embrace the changing seasons by experimenting with fresh color schemes and new materials. Begin with a small change, like focusing on one area of the room. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, transform the whole room into a summer heaven.
We've compiled our favorite summer decorating tips to inspire your seasonal transition. Let the warm weather and these charming summer decorating ideas influence your next home project.

Add Summer Colors 

Infusing your home with the bright and cheerful colors of summer is a wonderful way to create a welcoming and lively atmosphere. Begin by establishing a neutral backdrop that sets the stage for your vibrant additions. Introduce these lively hues through accessories like tablecloths, cushions, rugs, and art pieces, selecting shades that reflect the season's warmth and vitality, such as sunny yellows, cool ocean blues, and fresh leafy greens.

Set Colorful Furniture

To jazz up your old furniture, let's give them a good spritz with some high-gloss spray paint in summery hues like sky blue or grass green. This glossy paint will work its magic, giving your tired furniture a shiny new look that's both fresh and funky. Plus, it'll help protect your furniture from wear and tear, keeping it looking fabulous for longer.
Naturally, there's a simpler way to swap out your winter furniture for spanking new summer furniture. Consider incorporating furniture in bold, summery tones to make a striking statement. A cane armchair or a yellow-colored recliner can serve as a captivating focal point, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room. Alternatively, opt for furniture with natural textures and finishes like rattan or bamboo to complement the seasonal colors and create a harmonious look.

Sprinkle in a Dash of Greenery

Enhance the beauty of your home during the summertime by adding a touch of greenery. Infuse your living spaces with the vibrant colors and fresh scents of the season by incorporating plants into your decor. Lush ferns and cascading ivy can breathe life into any room, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Place pots of fragrant herbs on your windowsills, allowing their delightful aromas to waft through your home. A centerpiece of colorful flowers can brighten up your dining table and serve as a stunning focal point. Embrace the natural beauty of summertime by sprinkling in these green accents, transforming your home into a peaceful retreat that reflects the joys of the season.

Summertime Vibe Songs

Immerse yourself in the uplifting melodies and infectious rhythms of summertime vibe songs. Let the music transport you to sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and sun-kissed adventures. From laid-back tunes that evoke lazy days by the pool to energetic beats that ignite the dance floor, these songs capture the essence of summer. Close your eyes, feel the warm breeze on your skin, and let the music carry you away to a place where the sun always shines and the fun never ends.

Create a Whimsical Seaside Escape Right in Your Backyard

Turn your backyard into a charming coastal getaway! Transform your outdoor space into a whimsical seaside escape, complete with adorable beach-themed decor. Scatter seashell-shaped lights around your patio, hang a fishnet filled with colorful plastic fish, and place a mini sandcastle as a centerpiece. Add a hammock for lazy afternoon naps and a small kiddie pool filled with blue water for a splash of fun. With these cute touches, you'll feel like you're on a permanent vacation by the sea!

Transform your space into a beloved retreat with the right furniture and accessories. Hulala Home's furnishings bring a luxurious and comfortable touch to your summer living area.

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