Hulala Home Partners with Eden Reforestation Projects to Green the Globe

Hulala Home Partners with Eden Reforestation Projects to Green the Globe

For every order placed, Hulala Home plants a mangrove tree in Madagascar, taking a significant step in environmental sustainability. Plus, Hulala Home expands its presence into the UK and Canadian markets.

Hulala Home, a leading name in furniture, is proud to announce a transformative partnership with, an Eden Reforestation Projects partner ( With an unyielding commitment to a sustainable future, we pledge to plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar for every order placed.

Eden Reforestation Projects is renowned for its vast-scale landscape restoration, job creation, and climate change mitigation. The collaboration sees Hulala Home support the organization's vital reforestation efforts.

For every purchase made on, we will plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar. This initiative not only combats deforestation but also enhances local communities' livelihoods through job opportunities.

The Benefits at a Glance:

Climate Action: Mangrove trees are carbon-absorbing champions, aiding in the fight against climate change.

Ecosystem Preservation: Reforestation protects essential coastal ecosystems, providing habitat for marine life and improving water quality.

Community Empowerment: Involving local communities in reforestation creates sustainable employment and environmental stewardship.

Our dedication to eco-conscious products, alongside quality and style, makes us a leader in sustainable furniture.

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