5 Hulala Home Pieces That Will Transform Your Space This Thanksgiving

5 Hulala Home Pieces That Will Transform Your Space This Thanksgiving - Hulala Home

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate their gratitude for one another. If you’re hosting this iconic holiday, you know just how important it is to make your space welcoming and comfortable for your guests.


Fortunately, modern furniture stores like Hulala make it easy to impress the party with your impeccable sense of style. From plush living room sets to tables that are the perfect setting for a meal, you’re sure to find everything you need this holiday.

Selecting the Perfect Piece

There are a few different things you’ll need to take into consideration before selecting the furniture you’ll want to purchase. Really spend a some time evaluating your needs and preferences.


Here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Budget

  • Space

  • Utility

  • Your home decor's theme

  • Quality


Knowing some basic information, such as how large the room is and how much you’re willing to spend, is a great starting point. You should also know your color scheme and intentions for the space.


Once you have established these facts, making a selection will be much easier. Once you’re ready to start exploring a home furniture store, check out these five incredible pieces from Hulala.

1. Caspian Faux Marble and Wood Dining Table

There’s no doubt that the star of Thanksgiving Day is the food, and it’s critical to have a table worthy of supporting such an important feast. These needs make the Caspian Faux Marble and Wood Dining Table one of the best selections to add to your home this holiday.


One of the best features of this table is its stylish yet compact design. Hulala prides itself on creating modern furniture that can fit into virtually any space, and this table is no exception. Apartment dwellers shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and style for smaller living quarters.


The simple design of this piece is perfect for nearly any theme you wish to use throughout your home. Straight lines and neutral tones are easy to pair with your favorite chairs and other furniture. Of course, the understated nature of this piece won’t sacrifice any style and still lends the space a classy, clean appearance.

2. Ferris Upholstered Armchair

Seating is another critical part of preparing your home to host your family. Who doesn’t love a cozy armchair to settle into after a satisfying meal? The Ferris Upholstered Armchair is genuinely as warm and inviting as it looks, so adding one to your living room is a surefire way to please.


This piece comes in ten different patterns and is incredibly popular. The piece's simple design allows it to blend seamlessly with your other furniture. The unique charm stands out in how you style it, with additional seating or as its own piece.


High-quality materials and build set this chair apart from selections at other modern furniture stores, and you won’t have to empty your savings account to buy it. Don’t forget to pair it with an ottoman or side table to complete the look and give the space more utility.

3. Delphicus Pull Out Sleeper Sofa and Chaise

If you have the space, you might consider updating your entire living room and adding a new sofa. A sofa is perfect for seating several guests and lounging after dinner or playing a game. With the Delphicus Pull Out Sleeper Sofa and Chaise, you’ll have more than enough room to make the entire party comfortable.


This sofa comes in five great colors, so you won’t have trouble finding one perfect for your theme or color scheme. And the plush yet simple design will look good in nearly any setting.


This couch is also an excellent selection for transforming your home into a holiday refuge because it folds into a sleeper bed for overnight stays. Your guests will be comfortable and cozy, and you won’t have to book a hotel room for their stay. There’s even space to store pillows and blankets once everyone heads home.

4. Alessandro Round Coffee Table With Rotating Tray

Coffee tables are the perfect piece of furniture that combines fashion with function. A beautiful coffee table can be used as a focal point and a convenient place to set your beverage while chatting with guests. The Alessandro Round Coffee Table With Rotating Tray is an ideal example of how this overlooked piece of furniture can become a signature item.


This coffee table is compact and easy to add to any small space. But versatility is key, so you can simply rotate the table and reveal the hidden layers beneath when you need more storage. This coffee table is a sturdy piece your guests will love.


The neutral tones of this piece will make it easy to match with nearly any furniture set. Not to mention, its simple round design is classic. However, you’ll be surprised by how many combinations you can create using the layers. If you want to add some dimension or depth to the space, rotate it and create something new.

5. Khorram Tripod Floor Lamp With Rattan Shade

It’s surprising how much lighting can change the space and affect the overall ambiance of a room. Good lighting is one of the best ways to highlight your favorite features of your home and gives you visual cues of where to look. The Khorram Tripod Floor Lamp With Rattan Shade is a graceful and elegant way to light up a room without overwhelming the space.


Adding lighting at different levels in your room can’t give it a sense of dimension. Not only will it help create light where it’s sometimes hard to reach, but it also allows the eye to travel up and down and explore everything in the room. A floor lamp is perfect for lighting the middle section of the room rather than simply from above.


The soft, neutral tones of this particular lamp hold all of the simple charms you hope to find in a modern furniture store. The lines and design are understated but remain stylish and classy. It’s a perfect option, no matter how else you decide to dress the room.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Hulala Home is one of the best modern furniture stores to find all of the pieces you need to upgrade your home. Your guests will be wowed by how effortlessly the room comes together to create a warm and inviting environment. Check out more of the incredible selections you can find at Hulala Home.

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