Everything You Need to Know About Nursery Glider Maintenance

Everything You Need to Know About Nursery Glider Maintenance

Hey, Moms and Dads! What do you think of the Cuddle Nursery Glider you brought home?

Nursery gliders are essential pieces of furniture in homes with kids. Unlike other furniture, your nursery glider needs extra attention when it comes to cleaning – it's an investment in your comfort. Properly maintaining a nursery glider helps support all stages of pregnancy and childcare. Even if you are no longer nursing, it can be repurposed as a recliner in any room of your home, providing years of enjoyment.

What kind of material is it made of?

Crafted with ShieldPro Technology, our fabric offers exceptional water repellency and stain resistant, providing protection against spills and accidents for effortless cleaning and maintaining a pristine environment.

Moreover, our fabrilc is wrinkle-resistant, helping the glider maintain a smooth, tidy appearance without much effort. It's also hypoallergenic, reducing the likelihood of harboring allergens like dust mites and pet dander, which is essential for a healthy nursery environment. Lastly, our fabric doesn’t compromise on quality, offering a soft, comfortable surface that’s perfect for cuddling with your little one.

Why is it important to clean a nursery glider?

Your nursery glider is likely to be used multiple times a day, making it more susceptible to daily messes. Life with kids is inherently messy, but maintaining a clean nursery glider can ensure your family remains comfortable and relaxed for years to come.

If messes are not promptly addressed, they can impact both your health and your baby’s health. Sleepy newborns quickly become active and curious, touching and tasting everything within reach. Direct contact with bacteria and allergens can lead to health issues such as respiratory problems and skin allergies.

Maintaining an organized and clean environment is especially crucial when your baby’s body is still developing and more susceptible to adverse reactions.

How to clean your nursery glider?

The best way to care for your nursery glider is to take proactive measures to keep it in excellent condition for longer. At Hulala Home, we use high-quality fabrics that are water-repellent and stain-resistant, giving you a head start in maintaining your glider.

Ensure you have the right cleaning supplies handy in the storage bag on the side of the glider. Before using any cleaning products, be sure to read the manufacturer's instruction manual for proper care. Generally, common household cleaning supplies can be used to keep your nursery glider looking its best.


A vacuum cleaner might be all you need to remove surface debris from your cushion, or it can be the initial step before addressing a deeper mess. Regularly cleaning your glider with a vacuum cleaner is essential. Use a powerful vacuum with a fine nozzle to pick up dust from the cushions and the gliding mechanism.


Wiping down stains is the next challenge, particularly with liquid food, formula, or breast milk on cushions. If a large amount of liquid is spilled, try to pat it dry as quickly as possible before it fully penetrates the fabric.

Baby wipes are an excellent option. They are gentle, absorbent, and specifically designed to clean and sanitize. As a result, they effectively remove stains without causing chemical reactions or leaving irritants behind. If they are safe for the baby, they are certainly safe for the cushion.

*Note: When wiping wooden and mechanical parts, be careful around the wire connections.


Another effective method for removing stains is to mix a small amount of mild detergent or laundry detergent with water. This solution breaks down the proteins and oils in the stain, giving the chair a thorough clean.

For more stubborn stains, a paste made from baking soda and water can be very helpful. Baking soda not only helps to lift tough stains but also naturally neutralizes odors from common baby messes such as diaper leaks and spit-up.


Another relatively new way of removing stains is steam cleaning, which is a great way to remove dirt and grime that is deeply imprinted on the cushion fabric.

The high heat of the steam kills the bacteria and helps to remove the stain at the same time. If you choose to steam clean, then you will still need to blot the stain slightly so that the dirt will come loose from between the fabric strips. Also, keep in mind that steam is inherently wet, so you'll need to give the mat some time to dry before you can use it again.

*Note: Stream machines can be expensive, so if you don't have one, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come to your home and handle it for you.

Of course, parents who have purchased a nursery glider need not worry. Messes are inevitable during the use of the glider, but proper cleaning can make life much easier. Our nursery gliders are designed for high quality and long-lasting durability, enhancing your comfort and happiness. We hope our gliders help you create beautiful memories with your growing family.

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