"Truly believe that style and comfort can exist together."

Written by Leon Fan


Posted on June 02 2021


Tuckahoe, Virginia

I love to create spaces in my home that are comfortable yet sophisticated. Where one can curl up with a good book or entertain friends. I always look for pieces of furniture that serve both purposes, and truly believe that style and comfort can exist together. I love color and incorporate it in my house because it brings me happiness but at the same time make sure that it is being balanced with the right amount of neutrals.

I love surrounding myself with colorful pieces of art. Be it in the form of paintings, books or rugs. I believe your house should reflect your personality, and that can truly happen when we start the embracing what we love and not what everyone around us likes. Buy that piece of art that sings to you, that piece of furniture that is calling your name, that book that you will open again and again over the years.


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