"A healing retreat after a long day"

"A healing retreat after a long day" - Hulala Home


Manhattan, New York

Growing up in NYC allowed me to live a culturally rich life and I’m so fortunate to have had it inspire every aspect of my style . When my family moved from Queens, NY to Manhattan in 1989 it was very traumatic for me as it was too fast paced and overwhelming. Over time, I learned to embrace the chaos and realized that I was blessed to be in the epicenter of the creative world whether it was for fashion, design or taste. With that said, creativity is what sparks joy in me and I love designing my wardrobe and apartment.

@Hulala_Home asked me to pick a chair that matched my personality and the Leia Arm Chair was perfect in that it has a modern glam feel that uplifts my bedroom nook. It helps me fulfill my essential goal of making my home cozy and welcoming so that it’s a healing retreat after a long day.


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