"Color means life, energy, happiness, and self-expression!"

"Color means life, energy, happiness, and self-expression!" - Hulala Home



Omg! I am so in love with this Romana Task Chair in Navy from Hulala!!! It fits perfectly in my LEGO workspace!!! As you know, bright colors are my jam, and bright LEGO colors make me so happy! The calming navy color is such a beautiful contrast to the loud LEGO sculptures! And because of the wheels, all I got to do it roll around the room to find the pieces I need. Rock and ROLL baby!!! The hole in the chair is so helpful as well with heat regulation via air flow!!! HOLY MOLY!!!!

When building with LEGO, the first thing I consider are the colors of the build. I like to dabble in LEGO realism and so the colors I choose are very important to help make the piece recognizable. They also tend to be fun and vibrant and can liven up any mundane space! LEGO comes in variety of shades but with that being said, when you put a bunch of vibrant mixed matched pieces in a room for example they all just seem to fit together can create an entire work of art. Pieces that were once separate can be combined into one big picture! Color means everything to me! The world can seem so drab, but walk into my LEGO office and those negative feeling disappear! My LEGO Lair is my happy place! The color gives me literal energy and seeing all of builds in one space helps inspire me with future creations. So for me, color means life, energy, happiness, and self-expression!


Ramona Task Chair

Color Navy

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