"An ever evolving canvas"

"An ever evolving canvas" - Hulala Home


Kansas City, Missouri

I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetic things in life. As a kid, I would drive my parents crazy with moving the furniture around to “design”. After spending years in a completely uncreative career, I had the opportunity to stay home with my kids and I took a dive into this creative outlet.

I truly think that my home is my medium.. kind of a practical art form (though I wouldn’t say my home was necessarily practical). I can express myself and totally enjoy using my house as a canvas— an ever evolving canvas.

My surroundings have such an impact on my mood, especially now that we are spending so much more time at home. I think that creating spaces that make you feel good are more important than ever!

So, when @hulala_home asked me to partner and choose one of their many lovely chairs, I jumped at the chance. I chose this sleek black and gold number because while I may be wearing PJs every day, I still need a little drama. Also, it matches the cat.“


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