"Knew it was *the one*"

"Knew it was *the one*" - Hulala Home


Brooklyn, New York

For so long everything about my Filipina heritage was something I pushed down. I was once so convinced that in order to be accepted, to feel like enough, and to be someone worthy of love, that could only mean assimilating to the white culture that was all around me while growing up. I would study makeup tutorials page-after-page in glossy magazines and do whatever it took to achieve Eurocentric beauty standards. Because ironically enough, I thought that in order to love the skin I’m in, I had to completely disregard what makes my skin mine in the first place. But as I’ve gotten older and seen how that suppression over who I am has hurt me far more than helped me, I’ve started to make it a goal of mine to embrace my roots. This not only applies to how I view myself and my personal style, but it has spilled into my home decor style as well.

When @hulala_home asked me to partner with them and pick a chair that best represented my style and who I am, I came across this lovely rattan velvet accent chair and instantly knew it was *the one*. Anything rattan has always reminded me of the Philippines and I love having pieces like these that serve as a reminder that no matter where I go and where I choose to call my home, I should never forget where I came from.


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