"Happy cat, Happy home"

"Happy cat, Happy home" - Hulala Home


Austin, Texas

We met at a local meditation center in Austin - we were both sitting on the cushions next to each other! Over time, we learned we share the same values of being intentional and connected with our present moment. I used to be a huge perfectionist who needed to have a busy schedule filled with travel, social events, and working long hours. It was challenging for me to relax; I was constantly looking for ways to do more and be more. It never felt like enough. Since finding meditation and learning more about sustainable, intentional living, I’ve discovered ways to slow down and appreciate the magic of ordinary things in my life.

These priorities have also translated in our home decor. We try to make sure everything in our house is meaningful to us and reflects who we are. We love the natural, minimal look of the Sybil loveseat, the warm rattan tones, and option to add some colorful, cozy accents to it! It’s perfect for enjoying a good book with a cat curled up in our lap! This beautiful piece from Hulala Home reflects who we are with its simplistic yet thoughtful design. It offers us a comfortable place for us to kick back, relax, and be ourselves. It’s a happy reminder to call the space we have cultivated our home.


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