Modern or Retro Furniture: Make Your Home a Stunning Showplace

Modern or Retro Furniture: Make Your Home a Stunning Showplace - Hulala Home

There is a bevy of companies selling modern retro furniture. The seemingly infinite options can make it challenging to choose which shop is best for you. Fortunately, Hulala Home stands out as one of the best providers on the market.

What Is Hulala Home Furniture?

Hulala Home is a furniture company that sells pieces for all your home furniture and accessory needs. The company has been around for over 25 years. It has made it its goal to provide a wide variety of options from around the globe for your unique home décor.

Hulala Home stands out because its designs have universal appeal while remaining unique enough to fit various styles of homes. The company's furnishings can be found at your local home furniture store or even major retailers such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and even on Amazon.

Based out of its headquarters in Fort Worth, TX, the company provides nationwide shipping at a reasonable price with quick delivery.

Modern vs. Retro Furniture

So what are the benefits of modern and retro furniture?

Modern style furniture is a contemporary type of fashion in interior design. Modern furniture embraces minimalism, smooth surfaces, and clean, straight, angular shapes. While not all contemporary furniture is made in a modern design, much of contemporary furniture is made in this style.

Modern furniture is exciting because it is currently in fashion and will make your home look cleaner and more trendy.

This simplistic and angular design is intended to make the furniture in your home less of a statement and more of an environment. Modern designs take the focus away from your table to focus on the objects and personal items around your furniture.

A piece such as the Etta modern round end table will work in almost any room to accent your artwork and accessories and create a clean look.

Retro style furniture, on the other hand, is defined as any style that is not currently in fashion but was at one point.

Modern retro furniture is made today with current engineering knowledge in intentionally outdated styles. As trends cycle faster and faster over time, the appeal of purchasing stylistically unique pieces grows.

Due to nostalgia, researching trends, or even personal taste, retro-style furniture appeals to many individuals who want to branch outside the norm.

Retro Style furniture also comes with the benefit of its price. Typically, modern furniture is more expensive, as it is more popular and therefore more in demand.

Pieces such as the Claire retro armchair can be exceptionally appealing because its square and simplistic design will stand out as a statement piece amongst the more casual modern furniture.

There are benefits to both furniture styles, and 14 Karat Home Inc. acknowledges that by offering a plethora of options from both selections.

Where Should I Use Hulala Home Furniture?

Furniture pieces bought from Hulala Home are flexible and fit to be displayed in many different locations of your home. The company provides options for every room, including:

  • Home Office

  • Living Room

  • Bedroom

While some pieces work well in more rooms than others, there are furnishings fit for any unique room you might have.

Home Office

One section that stands out amongst the multitude of options is the selection of office chairs from the company. It is shocking how many shapes and colors have been squeezed out of their lineup to create a customizable office space.

Pieces such as the Conrad vegan leather office chair create a more traditional look. At the same time, more artsy options like the Chavin office chair can make an office space glow.

Regardless of your choice, chairs purchased from the company are all padded with the finest material and create an incredibly comforting place to work or rest.

Living Room

Another standout location to place Hulala Home furniture is your living room.

Living rooms and other living spaces are generally the most furnished locations in a home and require the most synergy to create a coherent theme across the room. Because of this, living rooms often require the most thought and are the most difficult to furnish.

Fortunately, Hulala Home offers some attractive options for living rooms. One that stands out among their sofa and love seat selection is the Axel genuine leather 3-seater modular sofa. The sofa rocks a very angular and squared shape that helps it remain more sectioned and lower to the ground.

The sofa's authentic leather exterior provides warmth and comfort for those sitting on it. This means that you won't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.


Last but not least, we have your bedroom. Your bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home, as studies have shown that most people spend at least 7 hours a day in their bed.

While your bedroom may not be the most publicized room in your home, It is worth investing in some high-quality furniture.

Fortunately, Hulala Home offers terrific bedroom furnishings just like they do with other rooms, as gorgeous pieces such as the Boeotia tufted upholstered platform bed will make your space a place worth showing off.

Should I Buy From Hulala Home?

The short answer is yes. You should buy furniture from Hulala Home. The company provides an extensive array of options in both modern and retro furniture, and their selection will certainly have options to suit anyone's taste.

Hulala Home has shown a history of embracing new design philosophies and consistently putting out new designs for its customers to peruse.

The company provides top-quality customer service, going as far as giving a customer service helpline and email address for assistance. It should be noted that Hulala Home has maintained strong customer ties through its quick response times.

Hulala Home Furniture: Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Hulala Home is an exceptional company. Their experience comes from several decades of business drawing from worldwide inspiration. You’ll love your Hulala Home quality furniture pieces, whether they are modern or retro.

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