"Making our apartment feel like home"

"Making our apartment feel like home" - Hulala Home


Atlanta, Georgia

Interior decorating has always been a passion of mine. Starting at a young age, I would dream up elaborate plans for my bedroom, and those plans were always bold! Fast forward to now and not much has changed. I still find myself loving bold accents, big pops of color, and truly creating spaces that feel unique, and true, to myself and my husband.

Something that became so important to me over the past year was making our apartment feel like home and not just a rented space. The theme in our home is a mix of mid-century modern meets boho meets a lot of plants! And of course, as cat parents, we are always thinking about their comfort (and what kind of furniture and decor will hold up if they get a bit rambunctious).

The Elva Armchair from Hulala Home is such a perfect fit for our household! I love the clean modern lines, with the cane arm sides, and the green velvet is the perfect compliment to our plant collection. This piece has brought a lot of character into our home and we could not be happier with it!


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