"The more color, the more unique, really the better!"

"The more color, the more unique, really the better!" - Hulala Home



We are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Hulalahome! They sent us these Gorgeous task chairs for our space, and it’s the perfect compliment to our new hallway work space we created. We’ve been envisioning a work from home creative space for my husband that was a eclectic mix of modern and bohemian styles, but also realistically functional for a long work day. The color of this chair added the ‘our boho condo’ design touch that we have been craving, while also comfortable enough for him to work and feel supported on those stressful days! We enjoy celebrating and incorporating pops of colors into our space To give a feeling of freshness, and this chair is bright, warm, and inviting!

Jordan works as an art director and graphic designer, so as you can imagine, having a creative yet innovative work space is a must in our home. We were inspired to design a office where he felt connected to the family but still cozy enough to create, design and innovate. As a designer, Jordan takes much of his inspiration from the environment he works in. The more color, the more unique, really the better!

Here is Jordan, designing, bringing his art to life in our new creative space. Cozy meets functional is the way to go for us in our little Boho condo.


Clover Task Chair

Color Green

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